Happy Birthday Poems For Uncle

“Your fondly touch, my uncle
Made me go giddy, and I couldn’t help but chuckle
Your lovely bed-time stories leave me with nothing but sweet dreams
I wake up in the morning feeling inspired and my face painted with loving beams
I celebrate you today, my uncle
I pray the rest of your years will be free of trouble.”

“You’re loved so much, dear Uncle
each day the whole year through –
There’s so much joy and happiness
in every thought of you.
You’re really so uplifting
you’re as special as can be –
And you should have a birthday
that suits you perfectly.”

“You’re an Uncle who’s extra-special
for all the things you say and do –
You bring lots of happiness
each day, the whole year through.
You have been and will always be
an Uncle so dear and so good –
This comes with lots of love to say
You’re an Uncle who’s truly wonderful.”

“You’re always there to listen
and you always understand –
You know how to make things better
with just one squeeze of the hand.
Uncle, you’re so wonderful
you’re as special as can be –
And you should have a birthday
that suits you perfectly.”

“You’re a kind and caring Uncle
who is cherished for your ways –
You’re considerate and helpful
much more than words can say.”

“You birthday brings the perfect
chance, to really let you know –
You’re loved and appreciated
far more, than words can show.
And, there’s no end to the patience
time and trouble, you go to –
To make, everything so great
for all those, around you.
So this brings a loving message Uncle
to hope, that your birthday will be –
filled with all the greatest things
and spent with family.
May it bring nice surprises
and hopes and dreams come true –
Because, only the best is good enough
for someone, as great as you.”

“You are worthy of every praise in life
You are worthy of things you get
The way you make a difference
And the way you have that zest
Actually you inspire everyone around
To spread the love that surrounds
So that life becomes all good
Blessed to have a uncle like you
Touch wood
Happy birthday to you!
May God bless you!”

“You are the reason

For everyone’s smile

All of us get upset even if

You aren’t around for a while

If not for you

The cheer just goes away

We can’t do without you

Even for a day

Happy birthday to the man

The spark of the family

Without you we wouldn’t

Be as joyful and happy

Happy birthday”

“You are the best uncle

There could ever be

Our cute bond

Everyone can see

Thank God your favorite niece

Is no one but me

Else I would have been

Filled with envy

Happy birthday”

“You are the best uncle

Any niece could ever have had

The only person in the family

Who understands me when I am sad

You are the best mate

Any girl would love having

I love you so much that

I just can’t stop raving

Happy birthday”

“You are so sweet I think I never expressed
But I have always been so impressed
By all your ways and your work
And all your gestures so sweet
You are the best uncle I can think of
So let me wish and greet
That happy birthday to you uncle
May god bless you!”

“You are my role model

You are the perfect man

I want to be just like you

In whichever way I can

You are the exact example

And the epitome

Of the kind of person

Someday I want to be

Happy birthday”

“You are my favorite Uncle
and you really know the way –
To make me smile and laugh
and you listen to what I say.
So now it is your birthday
this card is just for you –
It holds so many wishes
and special thoughts of you!”

“You are more than just an Uncle for me.
You are an inspiration and perfect example.
You are one of the most amazing people that I have ever known.
Hope your birthday is as wonderful as you are!”

“You are adored

By one and all in the family

But in my heart you have

Carved a place beautifully

Everyone sees you as a

Man who’s successful

But for me you’ll always be

The man who made my life joyful

Happy birthday”

“Whether it shines or it rains

I will never face difficulty or pain

Whether it is day or night

I always have happiness in sight

Whether it is afternoon or evening

Nothing can stop me from grinning

I am always smiling, it is true

For in my life, I have you

Happy birthday”

“Whenever I am in trouble

The perfect place for me to go

Is your place, dear uncle

I hope that you know

Whenever I face any difficulty

The perfect place for me to stay

Is in the canopy of your arms

I hope it always remains this way

Happy birthday”

“When it comes to special Uncles
no one comes close to you –
That’s why this birthday message
brings love and thanks, for all you do.”

“When I was small

And very little

In your lap

I used to tumble

Little whispers in your ears

I used to mumble

When we played ball

I used to fumble

I cherish these memories

Beautiful and simple

I wish you a very

Happy Birthday dear uncle”

“We may not meet everyday

Or be in touch a lot

But I know one thing for sure

Happiness in my life, you’ve brought

You used to visit me

When I was a little one

I still have hazy memories

Of all our crazy fun

On your birthday let’s vouch

To rekindle our bond

From an uncle-nephew relationship

Let’s take it beyond

Happy birthday”

“Uncles are always sweet

And extremely gullible

They are soft-hearted

And very lovable

Uncles are very caring

And extremely generous

One such uncle you are to me

So dear and precious

Happy birthday”

“Uncle, you’re very special
and the caring things you do –
Make it seem so easy
just to think the world of you.”

“Uncle, you’re loved so much more
than any words can say –
No matter what the time of year
no matter what the day.
And on your birthday and every day
one thing is always true –
It’s knowing that, in all the world
there’s no-one quite like you.”

“Uncle, you mean so very much
and this comes to tell you so –
The things you do are appreciated
far more than you could know.
You are an inspiration
it’s so goo to know you’re there –
With a thoughtful word or gesture
you show how much you care.”

“Uncle, you are love much more
than any words can say –
No matter what the time of year
no matter what the day.
And on your birthday and every day
one thing is always true –
It’s knowing that in all the world
there’s no-one quite like you.
Happy Birthday”

“To all the uncles of the world

Here is a message from me

You cannot outdo my uncle

Who pampers me so silly

You’d have to go to crazy lengths

And reach great heights

To be like my uncle

Who I love with all my might

Happy birthday”

“This special birthday message
is coming just to say –
The best Uncle in the world
is wished a happy day.
Thoughts of you
bring special memories
and the biggest smiles too –
You really must know, Uncle
that so much is thought of you.”

“There’s no other uncle

Like you in this universe

To you I’ll never be

Able to reimburse

All the happiness and joy

In my life that you’ve brought

My dearest uncle

I’ll always love you a lot

Happy birthday”

“The spark in my life

The light in my eyes

The spring in my step

The way my spirit flies

Is because there is a person

Who I look forward to meet every day

That person is none other than you

Is all that I want to say

Happy birthday”

“The only one person

Worthy of my admiration

Is my uncle for whom I have

Deep regard and appreciation

The only figure in my life

Who is irreplaceable

Is my uncle to me

Who is very special

Happy birthday”

“The most prized possession

For a niece

Her heart’s most precious

And beautiful piece

Is her uncle who is

Dearest to her

You’re reason enough for my

Life to be full of cheer

Happy birthday”

“Some of my best memories

And the most precious recollections

From my childhood I remember

Some wonderful moments

Some of the most treasured memoirs

Of my growing years

I cherish because I’ve had

An uncle like you so dear

Happy birthday”

“One single wish is never enough
For someone as special as you!
So here are lots of wishes with warmth of love,
To last the whole year through!
Happy Birthday to the best uncle!”

“One plus one equals two

Is a fact as simple as I love you

Two plus two equals four

Is a fact as simple as I am fond of you to the core

Three plus three equals six

Is a fact as simple as needing you as my daily fix

Four plus four equals eight

Is a fact as simple as you being my best mate

Happy birthday”

“My friends call you adorable

My mother calls you sweet

To our family you are

An amazing treat

My brother calls you cool

My dad calls you his mate

But to me you are an uncle

Who gives me reasons to celebrate

Happy birthday”

“My friends are envious

That I have an uncle like you

They say that spending time

With them is now overdue

For I am always talking

About the person that you are

And how you have always

Been my superstar

So I can understand

The reason for their envy

But this is the effect that

An uncle like you has on me

Happy birthday”

“My birthday gift to you today

Is my unfaltering promise

Which I will give you with a hug

And seal with a kiss

That you will always be

My favorite uncle no matter what

Whatever may happen

I’ll always love you a lot

Happy birthday”

“More than my uncle you are a friend to me
You have taught me so many things to thee
Always guided me along the way
Encouraged me to have my say
You are just like my dad who always cares
You are my uncle whose always there
So thank you for your gestures to sweet
As I just wish to greet you
Happy birthday to you! “

“Look what is here
a great big wish
for all the greatest things –
Uncle you could never guess
just how much love it brings!
A Great Big Hug On Your Birthday”

“Just wanted you to know, dear Uncle
that each and every day –
Warm thoughts and sincere wishes
are being sent your way.”

“It’s nice having an Uncle like you
you’re special in every way –
That’s why you’re sent these wishes
for a wonderful birthday.
This really is the perfect time
to say how lovely you are –
And to hope the days ahead
will be your nicest ones by far.”

“It’s easy making wishes
for a special Uncle like you –
An Uncle who is loved so much
each day, the whole year through.
Your kindness and special ways
just mean, so very much –
You can give an ordinary day
an extra-special touch.
So this just comes to thank you
for always being there –
For taking time to listen
and making time to care.
Happy Birthday Uncle”

“It takes many special qualities
to make an Uncle like you –
A lot of care and kindness
and understanding, too.
It takes a special kind of love
that seems to know no end –
And the thoughtfulness and patience
of a true and trusted friend.
It takes many special qualities
to make an uncle like you –
And that’s why you are loved so much
today and all year through.”

“It isn’t just the loving things
you do, the whole year through –
It isn’t just the happiness
you’re always bringing, too.
It’s everything about you
that makes you what you are –
The very dearest Uncle
The most treasured, by far.”

“In you I see a friend

Who’s there through thick and thin

And a mentor who always

Teaches me how to win

You are like a dad who cares

And a brother who protects

You are an uncle

Who is the most perfect

Happy birthday”

“I still remember

The way you celebrated

My birthday and the way

You would be so elated

Today I want to celebrate

Your birthday in the same way

And for you make it

The year’s most amazing day”

“I respect you for what you are
And not for what you do
When you are around I find an inspiration so new
Your words give a new meaning to life
Your lessons on all the struggles and strive
I am so glad to have a uncle like you
I think I am blessed in few
That I have an uncle like you
Happy birthday to you!
May God bless you!”

“I never have to

Look around for inspiration

You are always around

To give me motivation

I never have to search

For new things to see and do

For guidance and counsel

I always have you

To such an amazing uncle

I raise a toast today

Wishing that you always

Inspire me this way

Happy birthday”

“I may not really see you each day
And we may not talk every day
But I know that when I need you
You will always be there and true
You are the most loving uncle anyone can have
And you are my best friend too
So many good moments that I had with you
I still remember in time and few
Happy birthday to you!
God bless you!”

“I like you as my uncle

But I adore you as my best friend

When you are with me

I want the day to never end

I regard you as my uncle

But I admire you as my idol

In my life you’ve always

Been my role model

I respect you as my uncle

But I care for you like my dad

You are indeed the best

Uncle I’ve ever had

Happy birthday”

“I like making dad jealous

By telling him how wonderful you are

I like to see him go green with envy

When I say that you are my superstar

I like making my brother jealous

By wishing that he was like you

Everyone in the family knows

I love being your nephew

Happy birthday”

“I hope you enjoy your lucky day,
With all the happy things it has in store.
And because I think you are the best,
I hope you have many, many more.
Happy birthday to the most wonderful Uncle!”

“I have shared the best time with you
Some best memories which I name a few
Your teachings have helped me to grow
The different thing of life you showed
Your guidance have had a good role
To help me reach my goal;
Thanks uncle for all your love
You are simply the best
Happy birthday to you!
May God bless you!”

“I have had a good time in your company
And all the jokes that I have shared
You helped me a lot in need
And advised me to always do good deed
Uncle you have also inspired me a lot
So I would like to thank you from my every thought
You are simply the best
Happy birthday to you
May God bless you!”

“I don’t how I’d be able to

Tolerate my family

If you were not around to

Give me company

I don’t know how I would bear

All my cousins and siblings

If you weren’t there

To understand my feelings

I wouldn’t have been able to

Cope with anything

If not for an uncle like you

Who helped me with everything

Happy birthday”

“Here’s hoping that your birthday
will bring happiness today –
And may it bring the kind of things
you’d like to come your way.
Because if your day is happy
and special through and through –
Then you’ll know the birthday wishes
being made for you, come true.
Uncle you are wonderful
you’re loved so much each day –
And you deserve the best in life
to always come your way.
Happy Birthday Uncle”

“Having the kind of Uncle
who’s a special friend as well –
Someone to rely on, means
more than words can tell.
That’s why there’s so much love
in the special wish this brings –
For a birthday and a year
filled with all your favorite things!”

“Have a smashin’ birthday Uncle
‘cos it’s plain for all to see –
That when it comes to Uncles
you’re the bestest there can be!
Happy Birthday!”

“From the most expensive gifts

To the most affectionate love

You’ve given me everything

You’re an angel sent from above

From the most touching gestures

To the most heartfelt care

Such lovely moments in life

With me, I hope you always share

Happy birthday”

“For an Uncle who’s so special
far too nice, to forget
here’s wishing that this Birthday
is, your happiest, one yet.”

“Everything looks so bright in your so presence
As you make everyone smile
All the problems just shun away
When you are there for a while
The cheer that you spread through
Is so mind-blowing too
Uncle you are truly the best
And you don’t need to impress
Coz your company has a different charm
Your company is awesome!
Happy birthday to you!
May god bless you!”

“Everyone has a smile on their face
With your loving grace
You have always helped us when in trouble
Always did things without the say
Uncle today on your special day
May you have lots of fun
Because you are and will remain the number one
Happy birthday to you
May God bless you!”

“Every moment that I need you in life
You have always been there for me
Whenever it’s time to have some fun
Or this on being the number one
I know that you are there and I can see
That you are simply the best
And I think that I am truly best
That I have a super uncle like you
Happy birthday to you!
May God bless you!”

“An uncle who I love

An uncle, for whom I care

An uncle to whom

I can lay my heart bare

An uncle who I adore

An uncle who I admire

To be like my uncle

Is what I aspire

To an uncle who celebrates

His birthday today

I give my heartfelt wishes

By saying happy birthday”

“All the uncles of the world would be put to shame

If they had a chance to meet you

They would be embarrassed if they came to know

All the things for me that you do

They would have to hang their heads down

If they saw how much you love me

For not treating their nieces so well

They’d be terribly guilty

Happy birthday”

“A perfect uncle is not the one

Who brings lots of treats

He is the one who always

Makes life super sweet

A perfect uncle is not the one

Who just pampers his niece silly

But the one who also supports

Her cause endlessly

You have ticked all boxes

In each category

My dearest uncle I wish

Like this you always be

Happy birthday”

“A birthday is a special occasion
it’s a day that’s all about you –
So fill it with the happiest things
and everything you like to do.
Happy Birthday To A Very Special Uncle”

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